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Historically speaking, I have been a fan of mods and what they bring to the table for games. Within the past few years there has been a mod project that has popped up, gathered acclaim, and seemingly drifted off the radar of the Battlefield community.

Grand Bazaar in VeniceUnleashed without the signature Blue Filter(tm)

I am talking about the mod for Battlefield 3 titled Venice Unleashed, which is a mod in the same way Garry’s Mod is in that it’s a toolbox that lets you create custom content and control certain functionality of the game and tweak it to be what you want. It seeks to bring a wide variety of customization and tools to a game that has previously never received mod support from the developers over claims the game is “far too hard to understand and work with”. Obviously, that is not the case for these two.

This project was started many years ago by a pair of modders: NoFaTe and kiwidog. Over the years they have worked on and off bringing this project through several iterations, across crests and troughs to where it is now all while refusing to give up. It’s not quite done yet, but it’s getting there.

If you listen to the interview you’ll understand

In October or November of 2016 I reached out to kiwidog about conducting an interview with him and NoFaTe about their experiences with this project, and finally after about 16 months the three of us sat down and recorded a conversation about their experiences on this project, and the future that lies ahead for it.

You can listen to the interview here on our YouTube channel. You can read a WriOps article here on my opinions with regards to modding in video games. You can also come back here in the future for more updates on VeniceUnleashed. My thanks to you both for opening up to me and giving me insight into your histories both with and outside of this project.

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